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Professional Management, leadership and Coaching

We understand the importance of engaging and empowering staff through practical training programs. CoGen Academy offers various training programs by local and international trainers. We provide customized training for general staffs, new managers, and top management level of the company.

We partner with an international training academy in Hong Kong and Singapore to enlarge our presence in Asia Pacific, and to deliver the high standard and quality of trainings for our clients.

Our main focuses:

  1. Self-development, career development,

  2. Team Work & Communication,

  3. Management & Leadership,

  4. Team Building,

  5. Great-Place-To-Work Culture, Company Culture

CoGen Academy Trainer

Mark Cosgrove

Trainer, Managing Director APAC, PROAKTIV Asia Ltd.

With more than 25 years in business, and the last 15 as a senior Learning and Development (L&D) professional, Mark Cosgrove works with organizations to drive business excellence at all levels. Mark is an expert at developing and leading training interventions that help firms grow business; and grow leaders. As a Master Trainer, specializing in experiential training and coaching, Mark has delivered training that drives employee and leader engagement.

Working in Hong Kong and Singapore for 14 years, Mark has worked with the major industries who make these hubs their home base; including Law, Banking & Finance, Engineering & Construction, FMCG, Civil Service, as well as Hotels & Hospitality. As a softs skills trainer, Mark has trained programmed in Sales, Leadership, Communication, and leaders.

Training Delivered by International Trainers

  1. Present To Lead (2 days)

  2. Communicate with Impact (2 days)

  3. Professional Leadership (2 days)

  4. Managing People (2 days)

  5. One on One Coaching (for Management & Top Executive), (Flexible, Series of Sessions)

  6. Trainer Academy (12 module workshop Program, Flexible, Series of Sessions)

Narath Chheav

Trainer, Managing Director, CoGen CG Co,.Ltd

Narath CHHEAV is a Partner & the Managing Director of COGEN. COGEN provides leadership, management and soft skills training, HR consulting, labour compliance and recruitment services. He also serve the role as Head of COGEN Academy.

Currently, he also serves the roles as a Board Member and the Chairman of HR Committee at European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham), a Senior Advisor of MYA Association, and a Member of Council in the Business & HR sector in Cambodia.

A soft skills trainer, a university lecturer and a human development enthusiast, Narath has several years of experiences in leadership & motivation training to empower people in several countries in Asia and Europe. With COGEN Academy, Narath delivers soft skills trainings to various local and international clients in Cambodia.

Training Delivered by CoGen Academy (Local Trainers)

First Session:

  1. Improve Work Productivity & Life's Quality ( 1 day)

  2. Manage My Time and Priorities (1 day)

  3. Identify & Unlock My Talents (1 day)

  4. Finding My Values & My life's Purpose (1 day)

  5. Be Actor of My Own Career (1 day)

  6. Lead and Empower Your Team (For New Managers), (1 day)

  7. Prepare & Lead Meeting Effectively (1 day)

  8. Learn to Lead a Training (2 days)

Follow-Up Sessions:

  1. Improve My Work & Life Quality (1 day)

  2. Manage My Time and Prioritize (1 day)

  3. Utilize Your Talent (1 day)

  4. Finding My Values & My Life's Purpose (1 day)

  5. Be Actor of My Own Career (1 day)

  6. Lead and Empower Your Team (For Experienced Manager/ Leaders), (1 day)