Seminar By Institute of International Trade (IIT)

28 November 2022

It's an honor that our team was invited by the Cambodian Economic Association (CEA) to participate in the seminar by the Institute of International Trade (IIT). Professor Peter DRAPER, who is from the University of Adelaide, gave a presentation on the topic of "Implications and Challenges of Trade, Investment and Regional Integration for ASEAN and Cambodia". This seminar was hosted at CJCC (Cambodian-Japan Cooperation Center), Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Professor Peter Draper

Executive Director of Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

Professor Shandre Mugan Thangavelu

Head of Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia at Sunway University

During the panel discussion to engage more in-depth and obtained fruitful knowledge and perspective from this seminar, CEA has invited:

  • Professor Shandre Mugan THANGAVELU

  • Mr Narath CHHEAV - Managing Director of CoGen and EuroCham Board Member

  • Professor Peter DRAPER

  • Mr Daiju AIBA - Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Commerce, and

  • Mr Soklong LENG as the moderator