Meeting with the Ministry of industry, science, technology, and innovation

24 October 2023

Mr. CHHEAV Narath, EuroCham Board Member and Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, attended the meeting with the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology, and Innovation on October 24, 2023.

Along with discussing research and development (R&D) of renewable energy, sustainable practises, and the circular economy, the delegation also paid a visit to H.E. Hem Vanndy, Minister of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation. They also talked about how the government supports R&D activities by providing incentives for R&D and encouraging the adoption of new technologies.

The National Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Policy 2020–2030 and Cambodia's Science, Technology, and Innovation Roadmap 2030 are two examples of the government-led programs the ministry presented at the meeting to promote industry, science, technology, and innovation. Lastly, the ministry promoted strong cooperation between drug companies, regional medical facilities, and all other parties involved.