Eurocham AGM 2022

20 September 2022

EuroCham newly elected members for 2022-2024 includes:

  • Mr Narath CHHEAV (Senior Advisor on Private Sector Partnerships, RULE)

  • Ms Géraldine ADOLH (CEO, American Hardwood Flooring)

  • Mr Marco Juliá EGGERT (General Manager, Seekers Spirits)

  • Ms Julie KEO (Legal Consultant and Business Development Specialist, DFDL)

  • Mr Etienne KETTENMEYER (CEO, IFinance Leasing PLC)

  • Mr David Sok Dara MARSHALL (Group Chief Financial Officer, ISI Group) as - Treasurer, and

  • Dr SOK Siphana (Founding Partner, Sok Siphana & Associates)

Newly Elected members who will join returning board members are:

  • Mr Tassilo BRINZER - Chairman

  • Mr Antoine FONTAINE - Secretary General

  • Mr Thomas HUNDT - Vice Chair

  • Mr Cyril GIROT - Vice Chair

  • Mr Martin MCCARTHY - Vice Chair

After a successful AGM, the Board of Directors and the EuroCham team will continue to strive to create a more inclusive business environment in the Kingdom and find innovative solutions for issues that affect us all.

EuroCham would also like to extend a thank you to their departing Board:

  • Mr. Varabott HO (Treasurer)

  • Mr. Youdy BUN (Secretary General)

  • Mr. Alain BRUN (Vice-Chair)

  • Dr. Susanne BODACH

  • Mr. Christer Horn AF AMINNE

  • Mr. Francois SCHNOEBELEN, and

  • Ms. Sara MONTI

Thank you for their contributions to EuroCham and they are looking forward to continuing working together in the future.

And a final thanks to AZ Group for sponsoring our AGM!