Eurocham agm 2020

10 September 2020

Mr Narath CHHEAV was elected as one of the board members during the EuroCham’s Board Election 2020 that was held during the Annual General Meeting.

EuroCham Cambodia would like to thank all members, partners, and friends again for having attended the 2020 Annual General Meeting on the 9th of September at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra.

They are pleased to announce the results of EuroCham's Board Election held during the AGM:


  1. Ms Susanne BODACH

  2. Mr Youdy BUN

  3. Mr Narath CHHEAV

  4. Ms Sara MONTI

  5. Mr François SCHNOEBELEN

  6. Ms Nary UNG

  7. Mr Philippe VEECKMANS

The other members of the Board are appointed by the Founding Chambers:

  1. Mr Guillaume MASSIN - CCIFC

  2. Mr Alain BRUN - CCIFC

  3. Mr Tassilo BRINZER - ADW

  4. Mr Thomas HUNDT - ADW

  5. Mr Martin MCCARTHY - BritCham

During the first Board Meeting, which took place after the AGM, the members of EuroCham’s Executive Committee were nominated as follows:

  1. Mr Tassilo BRINZER - Chairman

  2. Mr Guillaume MASSIN - Vice-Chairman, CCIFC

  3. Mr Thomas HUNDT - Vice-Chairman, ADW

  4. Mr Martin MCCARTHY - Vice-Chairman, BritCham

  5. Mr Youdy BUN - Secretary General

  6. Ms Nary UNG - Treasurer

Source: EuroCham Cambodia