It's Time for Companies to Rethink Their Recruitment Strategies

29 July 2019

Mr Narath CHHEAV was invited to join ‘Breakfast Talk: Millennials in the Workforce’, an event organised by the British Chamber of Commerce (Britcham).

Several experts in human resources said it is high time for companies and other businesses in Cambodia to change their recruitment strategies and hire more high school graduates and others who have yet to receive a college diploma.

These experts noted that the hiring practices of many companies here are heavily skewed towards the hiring of college graduates.

Narath CHHEAV, HR director at Decathlon International stated, “I don’t say that a college degree is not important. But based on my experience, there are many people without college degrees who can do the same job, or even better, than their counterparts who are college graduates,” he pointed out.

“It doesn’t mean that if you have less education, you have less capability.”

Other speakers during the event included David NUTMAN, CEO of Prudential Cambodia, and Todd SMITH, director at Ripple Effect Consulting Asia-Pacific, and Paula NICOLAS, managing partner at HRINC (Cambodia).

Source: Khmer Times