eurocham agm 2021

14 October 2021

Mr Narath CHHEAV, Senior Advisor on Partnerships with the Private Sector at RULE and Managing Director at COGEN was re-elected to be one of the EuroCham's Board Members during EuroCham Annual General Meeting.

This EuroCham AGM 2021 was held virtually via zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and in accordance with the relevant government restrictions and public health and safety measures.

During this AGM event, EuroCham is pleased to announce their new board of Directors:

  1. Mr Tassilo BRINZER - Chairman

  2. Mr Guillaume MASSIN - Vice-Chairman

  3. Mr Thomas HUNDT - Vice-Chairman

  4. Mr Martin MCCARTHY - Vice-Chairman

  5. Mr Youdy BUN - Secretary General

  6. Mr Varabott HO - Treasurer

Whereas the new result of EuroCham's board members are:

  1. Dr Susanne BODACH

  2. Mr Alain BRUN

  3. Mr Narath CHHEAV

  4. Mr Christer Horn af AMINNE

  5. Ms Sara MONTI

  6. Mr Francois SCHNOEBELEN

All EuroCham members are eligible to participate in the AGM. Moreover, this event is open to the public to participate by registering with the provided link registration. Registered participants will receive Zoom-login information. The individual will be valid present during this event and are included as presence in person at the AGM according to Chapter VII of EuroCham Statutes.