Soft Skill Master Class

Date: June 2020

About Soft Skills Master Class Webinars

1. Influential Communications – June 1, 2020: Communication is all about producing a result. We are saying something so that something changes in the world: we are trying to get our audience to think, do or feel something different. Communication is designed to create some change in the world around us. Communication that does this well, which is crafted and delivered properly is influential, and communication that does not produce any result is simply noise. What can you do to make your presentations, emails video conferences and other communication more influential and powerful?

2. Coaching the Gap for Performance – June 3, 2020 As leaders and managers we are responsible for helping our subordinates close the gap between where they are today and where we need them to be. The story of every employee’s growth is measured in a straight forward process of seeing where we are now, where we need to be and what we are going to do to get there. In this webinar we look at a simple, yet powerful, coaching process that allows managers and leaders to coach and close the gap.

3. Storytelling – June 8, 2020: Stories are the most effective way of putting information in context. Telling stories are how we teach and learn at all stages of our lives and as such is one of the most fundamental skills of a good speaker. In this webinar we look at the best storytellers, those people from all walks of life who can take information and bring it alive by giving it context and color. From comedians to scientists and from politicians to movie stars, we will look at how to bring our data alive with stories that captivate our audience.

4. Questioning Skills for Sales – June 10, 2020: The questions a sales person asks can uncover needs, clarify objections, deepen understanding, build trust and demonstrate expertise. Being good at asking questions (and knowing what to do with the answers) is a fundamental skill for anyone in sales or service. This webinar will look at how to ask questions, follow up and deepen, to quickly build rapport and get to the heart of your clients’ needs.


To join all of the webinars for the special rate of $68.00 SGD ($47.00 USD) please select any of the seminars and under 'ticket type', choose "Full Package"

Mark Cosgrove, a Master Trainer in Soft Skills, has more than 15 years Learning and Development experience with some of the top clients in APAC and around the world. Join Mark in a discussion of the essential skills we all need to do our best in this challenging environment.

Offices are closed, classrooms are empty, a massive shift is happening in the world right now, how can you be sure you're prepared for it? Join Mark for the first 4 webinars in the Soft Skills Series for professionals who are working from home and are impacted by the Covid related emergency.

1. Online Presentation Skills Monday April 20: 

Regardless if we want to or not, we are all spending hours online in web meetings lately. How can you get your message across, clearly, succinctly and professionally.

2. Leading Remotely Wednesday April 22: 

As managers and leaders, we are responsible for getting the best out of our teams. Doing it remotely as we work from home is not as easy as doing it in person. In this webinar we will look at ways to push our team to perform well, and enjoy their jobs while doing so.

3. Managing Team Stress Monday April 27: 

Work has always been stressful, and now it's worse than ever. Let's look together at some proven techniques for managing our stress in this difficult time. And if you're a people manager, you'll find out how you can help de-stress your subordinates.

4. Selling Remotely Wednesday April 29

Lockdown, work-from-home, circuit breaker or quarantine, whatever you call it, business is on pause right now. While the restrictions caused by Covid-19 responses may last a long time, we can’t stop working and doing business. In the meantime we have to switch the way we work. For one function in all companies this is critical: sales. How can you tune up your sales process so that you are able to thrive (or at least survive) the disruption caused by Covid-19 related restrictions.